Alternative pop-rock band with fine touches of folk. 

In the past 9 years, We Singing Colors has had hundreds of concerts and  performed in home Romania, also Spain, Bulgaria, Moldavia, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia. 

In love with writing and performing.  
Searching for harmony. 


WE SINGING COLORS is an alternative pop-rock band with fine touches of folk.  

 “Fragile acoustic guitar chords and fulminant choirs are doubled by the rhythmic section.
And the dialogue between Andrei and Roxana’s voices, complement each other and emphasize the bands lyrics. “ — Bogdan Serban, Radio Guerrilla 

In the past 9 years, We Singing Colors played over 300 concerts from intimate performances (such in a taxi) to large festival scenes in home Romania, also in India, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia.  

Over the time, the band had collaborations with local musicians like Vlad Ionescu, Narcis Axinte, Andi Dupont, Andrei Fântână, Victor Mihăilescu, Adi Seven, Corina Ciuplea, Paul Ballo, Cosmin Dumbravă, Cosmin Postolache. 

Having released 2 albums ("Made of wool, made of heavy metal" and "Lone Learner") the band is keen on working on the third.                        And Nomad would be the first song to announce an upcoming album, the music video can be watched here:  https://youtu.be/S5WU5zpwjbA 

The live act consists of the duo: Andrei (vocals, acoustic guitar) - Roxana (vocals, keyboard) and drummer Robert Dahlqvist.   


Authenticity, emotion, love for the music and the constant search for harmony is what We Singing Colors is all about.  

From small intimate gigs, to big festival stages.

Just a few: 

     Saarang Festival | Chennai, India 

      Wilderness Festival | Cornbury Park, United Kingdom 

      Green Sounds Festival | Bucharest, Romania 

      Peninsula Félsziget | Targu-Mures, Romania 

     Jazz in the street | Cluj-Napoca, Romania  

     The Big Picnic Festival | Oradea, Romania  

      Street Delivery | Timisoara, Romania 

      Blaj Alive | Blaj, Romania 

      Padina Fest | Bucegi Mountains, Romania 

      Femei pe Matasari | Bucharest, Romania 

      Airfield Festival | Sibiu, Romania 

      Zilele Nordului | Darabani, Romania 

      Vuenos | Tokyo, Japan   

      7th Avenue | Yokohama, Japan   

      Shuffle | Tokyo, Japan   

      Rocanotherworld Festival | Iasi, Romania

      Toppers | Chiba, Japan   

      Melodia | Tokyo, Japan   

      Live Freak | Tokyo, Japan  

      Kapana Festival | Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

      Sound & Vision | Bucharest, Romania




      Mihail Sadoveanu Museum | Iasi, Romania  

      Intercultural Festival | Anina, Romania  

      ShortsUP Movie Fest | Bucharest, Romania  

      Filmul de Piatra| Piatra-Neamt, Romania  

      Photography Fest | Ploiesti, Romania  

      Ploiesti International Film Festival | Ploiesti, Romania  

      Hesh Festival | Baia-Mare, Romania  

      La Damburi Festival | Satu-Mare, Romania  

      Art Labyrinth | Chisinau, Moldavia  

      Tipografia | Chisinau, Moldavia  

      The Troubadour | London, United Kingdom  

      Dalston Eastern Curve Garden | London, United Kingdom  

      Mixtape 5 || Sofia, Bulgaria  

      Espai Octubre Concerts | Valencia, Spain  

      Teatre del Raval | Castellon, Spain  

      Puerto La Marina | Castellon, Spain  

     Folkever Festival | Suceava, Romania  

      Colors of Cluj Festival | Cluj, Romania  

      Fish Eye Fest | Vama Veche, Romania  

      Focus Festival | Sibiu, Romania  

      Huet Urban Festival | Sibiu, Romania  


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